Rio Colorado Lodge

The Tarpon Capitol Of The World

Archie Field’s Rio Colorado Lodge

The Lodge

The Rio Colorado Lodge is built on the banks of the Colorado River, right at its mouth where it empties into the sea, and where fishing is frequently best. The whole complex is built on stilts, elevating it from the ground. Rooms are double roofed, providing a cooling, insulating effect for your comfort. Even the walkways and dock are roofed for your convenience. Eighteen comfortable room are air conditioned (the only east coast lodge with air conditioned rooms). All rooms have private baths, hot showers, electric fans, and daily maid and laundry service. Meals are served family style, all you care to eat, and the cuisine at the Rio Colorado has earned high praise from ardent fishermen from around the world. There is a comfortable recreation room with game tables, and you’ll find a new video room with satellite television, telefax equipment, a very well stocked tackle shop, ample outdoor lounging areas, and even a very interesting zoo. We have a fully stocked bar with drinks at reasonable prices. A daily happy hour is from 5:00 to 6:30 PM, when all soft and rum drinks are “on the house”.


These are the King of all game fish, and there is no thrill to compare with hooking a Tarpon. There is no place better for hooking up a giant Siver King than the Rio Colorado. Set the hook hard then watch the water erupt as they head for the stratosphere, leaping, twisting, and gyrating in the bright sunlight. The average Tarpon landed at the Rio Colorado Lodge is approximately 80 pounds, and fish to 207 pounds have been brought to gaff. Anglers often jump more than 25 tarpon in a day’s fishing. Only artificial lures are used, and all of the fish are lip-gaffed, so they can be photographed and released to fight another day.

Most of the action will be in the calm jungle waters and lagoons, with monkeys and brightly plumed birds in the surrounding vines and branches. When the fish are on the outside, your guide will will often put in the middle of a school of literally hundreds of leaping fish spreading over an acre or more of clam sea.


A Nice Tarpon A Typical Jump


Other Fishing Opportunities

There are many species of smaller game fish that you may want to throw a lure at. Snook are a very popular game fish. The average sized Snook will tip the scales over 20 pounds, 30 pounders are not uncommon, and a few mighty specimens have broken the 50 pound mark.

Hooking a snook in the surf as you stand waist deep in the warm waters of the Caribbean is an experience you won’t soon forget, especially since the fish in the surf tend to run much larger. They will circle and jump frantically, using the surge of the tide and waves to their advantage, testing the angler’s skill to the limit.

If you tire of wrestlng giant Tarpon and Snook all day, you may elect to spend an hour or two finessing Guapote, Mojarra, or Machaca. The Guapote fights for all the world like a black bass, and may run 12 pounds. The Mojarra looks like a large bluegill except that the colors are much more brilliant, and they often run two pound or more. The Machaca have been called “miniature tarpon” because of their propensity for arial acrobatics. They will average 4 pounds, but 9 pounders have been weighed at the lodge.


A Huge Cubera Snapper A Rio Colorado Snook Another Nice Snook


Boats and Guides

All our guides now run 23 foot fiberglass boats powered by new 90 HP, 4 stroke outboards. Each boat has a center console, and two very comfortable fighting chairs with rod holders and U.S.C.G. approved safety equipment. Our entire fleet has fish finders, compasses, and radios for maintaining contact with the Lodge and other boats. Unquestionably, we have the finest, safest fleet of the best equipped boast on the Caribbean coast. Your boat will be stocked with a cooler and cold beverages, and you will be charged for only the beverages you consume.

Our English speaking guides were born and raised in the area of the Lodge and are expert fishermen. They know every hole and riffle in the area. As you spend time with your guide, you will believe he “thinks like a fish”.

Rates and Packages

Package Cost and Duration Full Fishing Days Per Person Double Occupancy Single Angler Solo Double Occupancy Deluxe Single Angler Deluxe
6 Days / 5 Nights 3 $1968.00* $2218.00** $2261.00* $2497.00**
7 Days / 6 Nights 4 $2453.00* $2744.00** $2801.00* $3051.00**
8 Days / 7 Nights 5 $2938.00* $3268.00** $3366.00* $3646.00**

Please note the following for the above table of rates and packages:
* For single room in San Jose add $180.00 per person.
**Single room in San Jose included.
ONLY DELUXE accomodations include Fishing License, Fishing Lures, and Beverages.
GRATUITIES are NOT included in any prices.

For safety reasons, the domestic carriers require travelers whose individual weight exceeds 249 pounds to purchase an additional ticket on the flight. Please advise us if this applies to individuals in your party so arrangements can be made at the time of booking.

Individual Costs:

The following table of rates applies when the complete services of a package are not desired.

Standard Daily Rate, Per Person, Double Occupancy $495.00 Includes: Lodging, meals, 8 hours fishing & happy hour.
Standard Daily Rate, Per Person, Single Occupancy $525.00 Includes: Lodging, meals, 8 hours fishing & happy hour.
Deluxe One Day Fishing
First Day, PP, DBL
Additional Days/Each


Includes: Lodging, meals, 8 hours fishing, license, tackle/lures, & open bar.
Deluxe Single Angler Day 1

Additional Days/Each



Includes: Lodging, meals, 8 hours fishing, license, tackle/lures, & open bar.
Fishing Licenses $68.00 – $78.00 Depends on number of days fishing.
Round Trip Flight Costs Vary
Ground Transfers $20.00
Per person-Double
NON Fishing Daily Rate, PP $120.00 Includes: Lodging & meals
Deluxe NON Fishing Daily Rate, PP $170.00 Includes: Lodging, meals, & full open bar
Charter Flights  Call For Rate Depends Upon Number of Travelers
Jungle Adventure Tour,
Two days, one night, PP
Call For Rate Depends Upon Number of Travelers

For both tarpon and snook, we recommend a six to seven foot rod, stiff enough to set a hook in the tarpon’s bony mouth, and a quality conventional or spinning reel spooled with 150 to 200 yards of 12 to 25 pound test line. A lighter bass outfit or spinning rod spooled with 6 to 12 pound line is suggested for small snook and light tackle gamesters, and a little longer rod is more suitable for fishing in the surf. The Lodge maintains quality loaner equipment if a visitor should be caught short.

Favored lures for tarpon fishing inside the river are Rapala Magnum 11 Series 14 in orange, red/white or silver and green mackerel colors. Two ounce Coasthawk lures are used in the deeper holes and 65M-11 Mirrolures are used when the fish are in the lagoons.

In the Caribbean tarpon will readily take a variety of lures with jigs being the most popular. Jigs should be one to two ounces with a strong short-shank hook. Popular jigs are Bomber 1 to 1 1/2 ounce in white, green or yellow and 12 Fathom Shad Tail Jigs. Coasthawk and 65M-11 Mirrolures also work well. CD9 or CD11 Diving Rapalas can be slow trolled in the ocean for tarpon jack crevalle, or an occasional king mackerel or barracuda.

Snook prefer jigs in the surf and lures inside the river. Bucktail or shad tail 3/4 ounce jigs work best when casting. Bomber 600HD series in fluorescent orange or green and Magnum 11 series Rapalas are trolled inside the rivermouths for snook. During the calba run 1/2 to 3/4 ounce black/red bucktail jigs are the most productive. For casting in the lagoons, 7M model floating Mirrolures or similar lures are the best bet. Chartreuse or black/silver are productive colors.

A selection of “small” bass plugs and spinners including surface poppers and medium runners are effective for guapote, mojarra, machaca, drum and other light tackle gamester. Rooster tails, Rebel Teeny Crawfish and small floater/diver Rapalas are the favored lures. Hooks for all types of fishing should be very sharp, so take a file to the barbs ahead of time.
All these lures are available at our tackle shop but due to import duties they may be slightly higher than you can find them in your local tackle store or through one of the many mail order tackle companies.


Fly fishing for tarpon at Rio Colorado Lodge has very little resemblance to the Florida Keys or Belize.
Tackle: Recommend 12/13 weight rods and reels that hold at least 300 yards of 30lb. test backing. Bring a number of lead core shooting heads ranging from 450 grain to a deep water express (700 grain). Suggest one piece fly line called deep sea density compensated. In the rivers and lagoons where you’ll be fishing in 6-10 feet of water, the 450 grain lead core head should be adequate. However, in the ocean with tarpon running at depths of 20 feet or more, the 700-850 grain heads are essential. Also, pack 18 to 20 shock leaders, 20 test class tippets allow you to land and release more lively, less damaged tarpon.
Flies: Come well equipped with flies that are traditionally used in deep and murky water. Tie a variety of “whistler” patterns in various combinations of colors. You might want to use the largest weighted eyes you can find.

In the River: Try a version of a black and red whistler. Tie a strip of black rabbit fur in place of the black wing feathers. The rabbit fur seems to give the fly a real “lively” look. You may use the traditional black & red whistler. Whistler patterns also work well tied in purple and red patterns. You might try using purple rabbit fur on those.

In the Lagoons and Ocean: In the lagoons try a large (5/0 hooks) deceiver pattern, tied in white and green and white and blue dressed with a little iridescent mylar. In the ocean try a moderate size (6 inches) sailfish fly. Also try a single rather than tandem hook tied with a number of blue and white and red and white patterns.
FISHING: You will be introduced to your guide on arrival and he will remain in your service until you leave. Our guides are highly experienced and will give you as much as or as little help as you want in rigging your equipment and advising you on local fishing techniques. You will fish two persons to the boat unless you pay a supplement charge.

HOURS: Wake up at 5:00 AM, breakfast is served at 5:30 AM. Fishing from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM. You will return to the lodge for lunch and a chance to relax and enjoy a siesta before going out again at 2:00 PM. Your boat will be back at the dock by 5:00 PM after a full eight hour day of fishing. Variations of this schedule must be discussed with the Lodge Manager a day in advance.

CONSERVATION OF FISH: Lodge policy is to release all healthy fish. The Lodge has first call on all fish for the table. Fish caught in excess of needs may be filleted and frozen to take home or given by the Lodge Manager to needy persons for food.

BEER AND SOFT DRINKS: Beverages are not included in your package (other than Happy Hour). The Guides and Bar Tender will keep track of your drinks to be paid for at the end of your visit.

FISHING LURES: Lures are sold in our tackle shop. Your guide will suggest the type and quantity you are likely to need, and your money will be refunded on any lures returned unused in the original package.

TIPPING: Our guides and lodge staff are very grateful for your tips. The amount you tip should naturally depend on the value you place on, and the quality of, their service. As a rule of thumb, the basic minimum tip is $10.00 per day per guest. The tips are equally divided among the entire staff: maids, waitresses, cooks, and other workers. Please leave your tip in the tip box in the office.
Your guide is tipped separately when you depart and the amount is in your total discretion. He will receive a bonus if you request him on your return visit to the lodge.

LAUNDRY: Limited laundry service is provided at no charge, although the maid would be grateful for an additional tip.

WATER: The tap water is potable, filtered, chlorinated and safe to drink.

PHONE: Only collect and credit card calls may be made on the lodge phone. Our manager will call the U.S. operator for you.

CLIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY: Please take a minute to fill out our survey form and place it in the locked box in the office. This will be seen only by the owner personally. I want your suggestions and criticisms to help make our lodge more enjoyable for you.

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